Let’s talk about conflict between children, in the classroom and at home. Does it happen? Of course it does! It happens between siblings, between classmates, between parent and child, and between adults. It’s a normal part of learning to live within a family, a community and a society. Conflicts can be stressful to those involved; however, they also provide an opportunity to gain an awareness of the needs and thoughts of others IF they are mediated properly.

We are social beings and have a need to interact with others and to feel a sense of belonging. Did you know that we can use conflict as a learning opportunity? If conflicts between children are handled properly, both parties can benefit and continue to grow in their understanding that their importance in this world is not greater than that of another (i.e. developing humility). Read this to gain a better understanding of how we handle conflict in the Montessori classroom: http://www.mariamontessori.com/2010/07/23/conflict-break-it-up-and-break-it-down/