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Children’s House

These classrooms bring together children between the ages of 3 and 6 in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and enjoyment. The children are exposed to a wide variety of materials and activities in several key areas of education:
  • sensorial
  • practical life
  • language
  • mathematics
  • geography
  • physical and biological sciences
  • other cultural subjects
The youngest children in our school engage in practical life activities designed to reinforce care of self and care of environment. The activities support the development of motor control, hand-eye coordination, concentration, independence and a sense of order.

They engage in sensorial activities with materials such as the beautifully crafted geometric solids, coloured cylinders and colour tablets. They move through the process of reading and writing with the sandpaper letters, movable alphabet and a variety of materials which lead to independence in reading and writing.

Children are exposed to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through concrete experiences with Montessori math materials. They engage in collaborative problem solving and independent exploration.

Outdoor exploration is an important part of our Children’s House experience. The children go on nature hunts in our wooded area. They visit a dairy farm, animal farm and pumpkin patch every year. They grow plants in the classroom. They participate in science experiments, baking and art.

children's houseThese environments are truly an oasis for the 3-6 year old child where they are gently guided in their exploration of the universe. When they graduate from the Children’s House, the children excitedly move to the elementary level.

In the Montessori prepared environment, children have freedom of choice and movement within clearly defined limits. The consistency of these freedoms and limits allows children to feel a sense of security and comfort and to feel the importance of community.

girl“We couldn’t ask for a better early childhood education for our daughter. She started when she was three and we have been consistently impressed with the facilities, curriculum and teacher. So much thought goes into structuring the day, activities and year. We know she is never just passing time while there. Couldn’t recommend more highly”.

boy“We are thrilled that we chose this program for our child beginning at 3 years old. The Montessori philosophy that supports a child’s self-direction and intrinsic motivation to learn has been a very positive experience for our child and family. Our child LOVES going to school everyday. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and attentive to each child’s individual needs. We appreciate the cultural diversity that is evident and respected in the Harbourview community. We appreciate the attention to peace and respect amongst students and we love the emphasis on time outdoors. I would highly recommend Harbourview Children’s House as an alternative to daycare”.

girl2“There are many things that I deeply appreciate about this school and the first is that every child is recognized and respected for their own individual self. Teachers take great time, care, and compassion to truly know each child. Children are engaged in the things they love and taught healthy social skills through modelling and practice (peace table, discussing emotions etc). They have plenty outdoor time with lots of room to run and play creatively… on real grass, amongst trees, and a multi-lingual peace garden, and wooden play structure. As this pre-school is located within an elementary school, the younger children are mentored by the older children during reading time and social gatherings. The same is true in the classroom where the older children are encouraged to help, care for, teach, and be a mentor to the younger children. The educational materials are practical and engaging and the program delivery is done with great creativity and care. What is felt most is the love in this beautiful environment”.

children's house
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