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Extended Care

Our Extended Care program is offered Monday to Friday, 2:30-5:30pm. We aim to cater to working parents who require extended care hours for their children. We usually have extra spaces for parents who occasionally need child care while they attend classes, get groceries or have appointments. Don’t be disappointed! Call early to secure a space in this fantastically fun program!

The goal of our Extended Care Program? To provide a safe, relaxing and fun time for children at the end of the school day! What’s available for children in Extended Care

  • Healthy, mid-afternoon snacks!
  • REALLY COOL crafts for aspiring artists!
  • Outdoor time for young naturalists and fitness buffs!
  • Building blocks, legos, etc. for budding engineers!
  • Puppets for developing actors!
  • A library for little bookworms!
  • And so much more…!

Why sign up for Extended Care?

  • You will appreciate knowing that your children are having fun in a safe, caring environment while you work.
  • You will love to have the extra time to go to a yoga class or visit with a friend in the afternoon.
  • Perhaps you would like to pick up groceries or do some shopping after work and you know that we will take great care of your children.
  • Your children LOVE After School Care!!

For those who have not previously registered for after school care, we invite you to try it for a day FOR FREE! We are sure that your child will enjoy it so much, she’ll be asking to join us every week!