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Why Us?

In January 2007, Montessori schools worldwide celebrated 100 years of Montessori education: an education of the heart and mind. How will your child benefit from this proven method of education? What will your child gain from being a member of our school community? At Harbourview Montessori School, we recognize the innate potentialities of the human mind. When we see your child, we see a world of possibilities. Children are radiant beings who have a deep love of learning. As parents and educators, we believe that it is our duty to nurture this love of learning in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. A great part of the beauty of daily life at our school is the fact that children are able to take life at a slower pace. For many parents, life is a series of races from one responsibility to the next. Time is precious and often lacking. At our school, we aim to create an oasis for our children where they do not feel the rush of modern life. Every child deserves to slow down and create the wonderful memories of these early years.

Step into our classrooms and you will instantly feel an atmosphere of warmth and respect. Observe our children at work and you will see happy, self-directed learners. Talk to our children and you will hear about their experiences of collaboration, understanding and cultural awareness. We gently stress the importance of generosity, respect, kindness and a strong work ethic.

Are you looking for a school that will inspire your child to be the best that he can be? Are you searching for a school that will support the development of her character and intelligence in an atmosphere of respect? Your child deserves nothing less.

We do hope that you enjoy the information contained on this website. For further information or to book a tour, phone our office (902) 539-8884 and we will be happy to help you.