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The Elementary Years

Harbourview Montessori’s elementary program is exceptional, encompassing the best that the Montessori curriculum has to offer. We see the child as a whole being and approach his or her learning from a holistic perspective. What this means to us is that the classroom is a dynamic community in which each child is an integral part. We learn that caring for each other is necessary in order for this community to run efficiently and effectively. Our goal is for each child to develop not only a responsibility for the self but for others as well; therefore, attention is given to each child as an individual in relationship to the entire group.

Our Elementary classes are run by teachers who specialize in the education of the 6-12 year old child. The enriched curriculum integrates a wide variety of “subjects” such as grammar, creative writing, zoology, botany, geology, history, geography and mathematics. The children are actively engaged in research of world cultures, with a look at the work of the United Nations and current events embedded in our daily studies.

Much of the work that the elementary children do is based on research. Children begin to learn about research in the Children’s Houses. They refine their research skills at the Lower Elementary level. At the Upper Elementary level, the students spend much of their work period researching and reporting. The combination of teacher-initiated and self-chosen research topics allows for the development of a broad and varied education that respects each child’s own particular interests.