Meet Amanda

From Children’s House

Meet Amanda from Children’s House

My Mom and Grampy took me to school today. I’m 4 years old and I go to Harbourview Montessori School. Mommy opens the big red doors and I can smell the coffee brewing in the hallway. She always pours herself a cup on the way out. My Grampy will have some today, too.

I walk down the hallway and find my cubby. It says ‘Daniel’ on it so I know it’s mine. I sit down, take off my shoes and put them in my cubby. I put on my indoor shoes. My mom doesn’t help me because she knows that I feel good when I can do things by myself. I take my water bottle, walk over to the classroom door, give Mommy and Grampy a hug and walk in.

My teacher shakes my hand and says ‘Good morning,’ then I walk around to see who’s here. I see Madeline building the pink tower, Jonathan drawing a metal inset design and Amaar washing some cleaning cloths while Heather hangs them to dry. Jenny invites me to help build the maze with the red rods but I’d like to see what’s in the mystery box before I choose my work. Jeffrey and John are giggling in the Peace Place so I guess they’re friends again.

I hear the circle time music box and find my way to the circle rug. I wonder what my teacher will introduce this morning. First, we sing our Good Morning Song, then we review the continents. After my teacher reads a story that she found in National Geographic for Kids, she tells us about an adventure she had on the weekend. Then she has a surprise. She takes out a small container. There’s a snail in it! She says that we’re going to learn a lot about slugs and snails this week! I love snails and slugs.

After circle time, I decide to write a story about Slugs. My teacher helps me. I tell her the story and she writes it. I think I’ll copy it later. For now, I’m going to draw some slugs and make a little book. Time for the Movable Alphabet. I love spelling new words and writing them in my word book! For the rest of the morning, I think I’ll work with the Numeral Cards with my friend, Alex. I’m going to make the biggest number that I can!

It’s outdoor time! We go into the Peace Garden, play with the trucks in the gravel, walk through the little paths, play with balls and climb the play structure. I love being in my classroom but I love outdoor time even more! There are some friends planting flowers while others dig holes in the dirt. Today, one of my teachers is showing us how composting works. Cool! I’d rather run and play, though, so that’s what I do. We’ll come out again after lunch, go for a hike in the woods and do some science experiments!

It’s Friday, so we ended the day with the Friendship Walk. I was the Friend of the Day, so I was the first one to carry the candle. It made me feel very special. I see some Moms and Dads in the hallway so it’s time to go home. Not for me, though! I’m in After School Care today for an hour and we’re going to collect worms outside! I really love my school.