Sept 21 – International Day of Peace

Although we aim to make EVERY DAY Peace Day, we enjoy turning the spotlight to Peace on this day. As a school community, we love to get together and share our thoughts on how we can be more peaceful in our daily lives. In the elementary classes, we learn about the history of Peace Day and the evolution of the United Nations. In the Children’s Houses, we learn about peacemakers throughout history…and how to follow in their footsteps and be peacemakers ourselves. We have held a lovely peace ceremony every year on this day.

Sept 14 – Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run: Our annual School Terry Fox Run took place on our school grounds on Friday, September 14th. around our circular driveway, with children taking pledges for each lap completed. The photo above shows some of our children warming up with our PE teacher, Jamal. This is such a fun day for our students!